About Jensen Mixers

About Jensen Mixers

Proven Side Entry Tank Mixer Designs that Stand the Test of Time.

One Product. One Focus.

Jensen Mixers designs, engineers and builds side-entry mixers that are used primarily for management of B.S & W, blending and cleaning of storage tanks that contain various petroleum products.

Founded in the Heart of Oil Country.

Jensen Mixers started out and remains today in the very heart of oil country, the midwest United States. The result being the supply of mixers from lease tanks at the well sites to refineries and tank terminals throughout the world. In tanks from 500 barrels (79 cubic meters) to over 1,000,000 barrels (+167000 cubic meters) Jensen is the mixer of choice.

Mixing Things Up Since 1950.

Image of phrase The first Jensen Mixer was designed by company founder, A.C. Jensen in 1950. He was the chief designer of all Jensen Mixers up until his retirement. His recognition of real world considerations led to wide acceptance and strong customer preference for Jensen Products. Many of our mixers are still in use decades later due to quality product construction and a commitment to never discontinuing the parts required to keep the mixers running smoothly.

Jensen Mixers Advantages.

Jensen Mixers have always been designed to incorporate three basic features: Ease of Installation, Plant and Worker Safety and Product Reliability. Aircraft-grade alloys, tungsten carbide and stainless steels are some of the standard materials used in the production of Jensen Mixers. The ability to perform routine maintenance procedures without emptying tanks or using special tools has created a loyal following of maintenance personnel.

Jensen Mixers was founded by one who came from the petroleum industry, knowledgeable in the unique problems which could be solved by side-entry mixers. Addressing specific application challenges from the introduction of the first product over 70 years ago, A.C. Jensen pioneered the “Vari-Angle” mixer often referred to today as a “swivel-angle” design. Mechanical actuators, used to extract full advantage for the Vari-Angle principal were, again, pioneered by Jensen. “Pitch Adjusted” propellers, the most efficient propellers used to date in the industry lead to an early lead in the race to supply mixers to a rapidly growing petroleum world. Whether transmitting power via gears, tooth belts (timing belts) or “V” belts, Jensen has provided products which easily gained acceptance due to their recognizably superior engineering.

Another Jensen innovation is the Sentry Notification System which detects leaks before they become an environmental issue.

Worldwide Reach.

Jensen International began European operations in 1959. As one of a handful of Tulsa companies involved in exporting, it often provided information and assistance to local banks and other businesses. By 1962, Jensen Mixers was the world’s leading supplier of mixers to the petroleum industry.

Jensen's Been Building Side Entry Mixers for:

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