Hurricane Recomendations


  September 7th 2017



We have all heard the phrase “Oil and Water don’t mix”.  Well, the same goes for Side Entry Mixers and water.  Just like your automobile, the internal components of a mixer can tolerate wet environments but are not designed to be submerged in water.

Jensen Mixers would like to take a moment and discuss the impact on the mixer from the flooding generated by the hurricane.

Jensen feels it is important to highlight that all mixers and complementary components, installed on tanks or sitting in storage, exposed to high water will require repair.  Continued operation of the mixers with damaged components does expose the owner to a higher possibility of failure.  Exposure to high water is not covered by the Jensen warranty.

We are under the impression several customers were forced to discontinue normal operations.  One of the benefits of owning a Jensen Mixer is our policy to never discontinue parts.  If you have a new mixer fresh out of the crate or a mixer that has been in service for 50+ years, Jensen will do our best to keep wear parts in stock to help minimize the unexpected down-time.

Jensen is preparing for the high demand of new wear parts.  However, we would greatly appreciate your assistance with preparation.  Please submit any plans that outline priority tanks / mixers and/or a schedule for repair.  The mixer serial number is monumentally beneficial to this process.  This data will allow Jensen to plan accordingly and increase our ability to assist your company during the recovery period.

If you have any questions, please contact your Territory Representative and/or the Jensen manufacturing factory in Tulsa.


Finally, we would like to take a minute and let you know the employees at Jensen will be keeping your companies and communities in our thoughts and praying for a speedy recovery.

Below is listed Siemens recommendations for water damage.

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