Your top choice for side-entry mixers in the industry.

From management of B.S. & W. to blending various petroleum products, you can be sure that a Jensen mixer will outlast and outperform all the others.


Model 875 975

Better than ever


800 / 900

Recommended for:

Our 800 & 900 Series are mixers built to last and equipped with the most advanced in safety features. The Phoenix Propeller, Petro-Block, Sentry Notification System and Draw-Lock are all designed for optimized efficiency, maximized performance, environmental protection and proactive maintenance. Jensen mixers are the most advanced mixers available today with a reputation for lasting decades.

Tried and true


400 / 600

Recommended for:

Our 400 & 600 series are our tried and true! The built-to-last, heavy-duty side-entry mixers have proven for decades to offer superior life, unmatched ease of maintenance, and outstanding mixing efficiency. Jensen’s standard materials offer optimum performance in any petrochemical application.

Model 480 680

Mixing things up since 1950

Jensen Mixers is family-owned and operated, rooted in the heart of oil country. The first Jensen Mixer was designed by our company founder, A.C Jensen, who wanted to find a safe solution for removing crude oil sediment.
He created Jensen Mixers with three values in mind: Ease of maintenance, effectiveness and product reliability.


See a leak?
Pull the handle.
Plan the repair.

Requiring only seconds to activate, Jensen’s new safety feature, the Petro-Block, is 99% effective in keeping the product where it belongs … in the tank!

Contain the leak.
Alert the team.
Protect the site.

Sentry Notification System buys you time before leaks spill on the ground.

Improved efficiency.
Optimized thrust.
Petrochemical focused.

Each Phoenix Propeller is created to match a specific application’s pitch-to-diameter ratio to maximize performance.