Better than ever


800 / 900

Over 70 years ago, Jensen Mixers built the first side-entry mixer, creating an entirely new industry. Other companies have tried to mimic these products, but Jensen’s mixers are consistently built the toughest and are the simplest and quickest to repair. The 800 & 900 Series mixers stay true to those values in bigger and better ways, with new added safety features and improved performance.

The new 800 & 900 Series mixers uphold the same design concepts that have been respected by technicians for decades, but Jensen continues to make the process even simpler and safer by introducing new features, like the Petro-Block. This brand-new safety feature requires only seconds to activate and is 99% effective in keeping the product where it belongs… in the tank!

HP (MAX)3075
Shaft RPM (60Hz)430430

Every 800 & 900 Series mixer comes standard with a Petro-Block, a Phoenix Propeller, a Sentry Notification System and Draw-Lock. Fixed and variable angle designs available for both series (mechanical actuator optional on variable angle designs).

Phoenix Propeller
Actuator available on 800 & 900
Sentry Notification System
Gear drive
Sentry Notification System
Phoenix Propeller
Model 830 975

See a leak?
Pull the handle.
Plan the repair.

Standard features for all 800 & 900 Series mixers
  • Petro-Block gives your team more time to come up with a solution.
  • A simple pull of the handle activates Petro-Block and stops the flow
    of tank fluid. The system is reset during the lock-off procedure.
  • Petro-Block creates new levels of safety and convenience for crews in the field.
  • Easily convert emergency repairs into minor inconveniences.

Watch the Petro-Block in action below

The balance of form, function and performance.

Standard Features for all Series Mixers
  • With cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, the Phoenix Propeller is
    designed for petrochemical applications
  • Size and pitch-adjusted to maximize performance and power utilization
  • Propellers are dynamically balanced (ISO 1940-G6.3 scale)
  • 15 years of research and real-world testing

The system that buys you time before leaks spill on the ground

Standard Features for all 400, 800 & 900 Series Mixers
  • Contains fluids and alerts you
  • Allows for early and temporary tank product
    containment in the event of a mechanical seal breach
  • Prevents tank contents from leaking onto the ground
  • Fitted with inspection ports and optional electronic sensors
Sentry Notification System
Draw Lock

Simple, logical and fast

The Draw-Lock was introduced to make our lock-off procedures even easier; furthering our reputation for fast, user-friendly lock-off procedures.

Standard Features for All 800 & 900 Series Mixers
  • Jensen made the lock-off procedure even easier
    with the introduction of the Draw-Lock.
  • A simple turn of an Allen wrench
  • Safer and more convenient