Jensen Mixers was established in 1950 in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Mr. A.C. Jensen, a mechanical engineer with experience in the oil and gas industry. Like all great ideas, the first Jensen mixer was developed to solve a common problem in the Oklahoma oil fields — how to remove the basic sediment and water (BS&W) that collects on the bottom of crude oil storage tanks. BS&W is an industry term to describe the unusable elements in an oil well stream. These are typically elements like sand, paraffin, dirt and water.

A.C. put his thinking cap on, drew up a plan, and visited the local automotive scrap yard for parts. By using the Power Take-Off shaft from the rear of a farm tractor, A.C. designed a mixer that would spin the propeller inside the tank and churn the contents, thus pushing and blending the BS&W into the crude. While suspended, the sediment would join the crude oil as it was pumped out of the tank for processing. This practice would minimize the build-up in the tank bottom and allow a longer period of time between major cleanings.

After discovering the effectiveness and benefits of the Jensen Mixer, applications for its use began to expand. Today, Jensen Mixers can be found blending proprietary additives into gasoline, blending various fuel oils, and even maintaining a homogeneous temperature for asphalt at its liquid state.

Jensen Mixers are the most respected side-entry mixers in the industry, and are used in major oil producing and storage locations around the world. Family-owned and operated for more than 70 years, Jensen Mixers are proudly designed and manufactured from our headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mixing things up since 1950