Tried and true


400 /600

Our 400 & 600 side-entry mixers are our tried and true. The built-to-last, heavy-duty side-entry mixing units are designed for trouble-free operation. In every horsepower range, they offer superior life and load figures, unmatched ease of maintenance and outstanding mixing efficiency. Jensen’s standard materials offer optimum performance in any petrochemical application.

HP (MAX)204075
Shaft RPM (60Hz)430430430

Every 400 & 600 Series mixer comes standard with a Phoenix Propeller. The 400 is equipped with a Sentry Notification System, while the 600 has a First-watch Notification System. Fixed and swivel angle designs available for both series (mechanical actuator optional on swivel angle designs).

Mechanical Actuator available on 400 & 600
Phoenix Propeller
Sentry Notification System
Phoenix Propeller
Gear drive
First-Watch System
Model 480 680

First-Watch warns you of a leak.

Standard Features for All 600 mixers
  • Three inspection ports allow technicians and
    drones to visually monitor levels easily
  • The bottom port displays the seal lubrication fluid
    (added during assembly) and invading tank contents
  • The middle port is designed with a 1” NPT for
    mounting electronic sensors

The balance of form, function and performance.

Standard Features for All 400 & 600 mixers
  • Each Phoenix Propeller is size and pitch-adjusted
    to maximize performance and power utilization
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing techniques are
    combined with petrochemical applications
  • Propellers are dynamically balanced (to ISO 1940-G6.3 scale)
  • 15 years of research and real-world testing

The system that buys you time before leaks spill on the ground

Standard Features for All 400 mixers
  • Contains fluids and alerts you
  • Allows for early and temporary tank product
    containment in the event of a seal breach
  • Prevents tank contents from leaking onto the ground
  • Fit with inspection ports and optional electronic sensors
Sentry Notification System