When it comes to proper management of BS&W, crude oil blending and storage tank cleaning, side-entry mixers are a must. As a tank-mixer supplier founded in conjunction with the petroleum industry, Jensen Mixers has become one of the leading providers of heavy-duty side-entry agitators. Side entry agitators and commonly referred to as the Most Respected Mixer Manufacturer in the World.

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General Blending & Other Applications

Whether you are blending, lubricants, additives, crude oil, biofuels or bitumen, you likely need to reduce the amount of settling occurring to achieve your desired finished product. Side-entry mixers can also be utilized to maintain consistent temperatures throughout storage tanks for products that require high-temperature ranges.



See a leak?
Pull the handle.
Plan the repair.

Requiring only seconds to activate, Jensen’s new safety feature, the Petro-Block, is 99% effective in keeping the product where it belongs … in the tank!

Contain the leak.
Alert the team.
Protect the site.

Sentry Notification System buys you time before leaks spill on the ground.

Improved efficiency.
Optimized thrust.
Petrochemical focused.

Each Phoenix Propeller is created to match a specific application’s pitch-to-diameter ratio to maximize performance.

First-Watch warns you of a leak.

Jensen’s First-Watch system is gives you time to react when a mixer seal needs attention.

Simple, logical and fast.

Jensen made the lock-off procedure even easier with the introduction of the Draw-Lock.